Real estate agency Chamonix

Professionals Alpimmo offer a free real estate appraisal service in Chamonix and the surrounding area. Make estimate the value of your good and put all the chances of your side to sell in the best conditions.

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Real estate agency in Chamonix

Whether you want to sell your main or secondary home in Chamonix, have the value of your property estimated is the first step to achieve: it is thanks to this estimate that you will know the real value of your home and that you will be able to to set a selling price adapted to the reality of the market.

How to make the estimate?

Make a real estate estimate is essential before you start your sales project. By setting a fair price (neither too high nor too low), you position yourself correctly in front of the competition and affirm your credibility before the purchasers: an overvalued good will make them flee, but an undervalued good will make them suspicious and will play in your disadvantage financially.


Our real estate appraisal service is completely free. To benefit from it, simply contact us online; we will provide you within 48 hours with an answer adapted to your needs.

Our agency can evaluate the value of all types of property: apartment and house, but also land, trade, mazot, mountain chalet. Taking into account the specificities of the local market, our service provides you with a perfectly reliable evaluation. This estimate does not imply any commitment on your part. You can use it freely to set a final price, or later start a collaboration with our agency, which will accompany you in all stages of the sale.


Chamonix is a particularly attractive real estate sector. Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, the town attracts for decades the adapts of mountain sports and mountaineering. Not far from Switzerland and Italy, the town is also a cosmopolitan place that attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year. Very buoyant, this context makes the Chamonix Valley a good place to sell a property.

Alpimmo has been based in Chamonix for more than 30 years. This strong anchorage allows us to meet the expectations of the most demanding sellers. Contact our experts to get a real estate estimate for your property in Chamonix, or go directly to the premises of our agency; our team receives you every day of the week (except Sunday).