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You wish to move to a chalet in the mountains? It is necessary to anticipate the management of energy contracts in advance and to choose your energy supplier carefully in order to avoid excessive electricity and gas bills. Indeed, most French households tend to increase the temperature during winter periods and in the mountains, winters can be harsh. We give you all our tips for choosing the best energy supplier before your move to the mountains.

How to choose the best supplier of gas and electricity?

Since the opening of the French energy market to competition, you have the possibility of choosing an alternative energy supplier for gas and electricity such as Eni, Vattenfall or Plüm Énergie, for example. Therefore, you can compare the different offers available on the energy market to subscribe to the most advantageous contract according to your needs.

Alternative energy providers have quickly adapted to the energy market and are offering a variety of energy offerings to meet new consumer needs. Historic suppliers (EDF and Engie) also had to adapt and now offer market offers, which are cheaper than the regulated sales price which they must also offer.

There are around thirty alternative energy suppliers on the French energy market who charge different and more or less advantageous prices. When subscribing to an energy offer, you must compare the price per kWh, which will vary according to market fluctuations, but you must also compare the price of the subscription.

Comparison of gas subscriptions on January 1, 2020 (€ TTC / year):

Fournisseur Offre(s)





Gaz Énergie Garantie 2 ans

Confort Connecté 3 ans




Total Direct Énergie

Offre Classique

Offre Verte

Offre Online






Astucio Eco

Astucio Planète





Gaz Fixe 36 mois

Gaz Éco





Avantage Gaz

Avantage Gaz Durable

Avantage Gaz Connectée





Choose a provider with the opinions: EDF, Engie, Total Direct Energy, etc.

You can also direct your choice thanks to the many customer reviews from energy providers such as EDF, Ilek or Enercoop. Indeed, you can better know the quality of the services offered by energy suppliers thanks to the opinions of consumers who have already subscribed to the provider that interests you.

- The reachability of customer service
- Responsiveness of after-sales service during an incident
- Litigation management

Customer reviews allow you to better anticipate your relationship with the energy provider and the quality of services. However, it is necessary to consult several independent sites and take note of positive and negative opinions to build up the widest spectrum of decision possible.

What to do to save energy?

Ensure the insulation of the accommodation

If you are moving to the mountains, it is important, beyond choosing the energy provider that will allow you to save money, to take special care in insulating your new home.

Indeed, energy losses are more frequent in a detached house that is not very isolated and these force the occupants to consume more for heating and therefore increase the energy bill.

You can make a diagnosis of the energy performance of your home to target energy losses and carry out the most urgent renovation works.

Most of the time, the greatest energy losses are located in the attic and roofs, the walls facing outwards and the windows.

These works represent a real investment but the French State has set up financial aid and advantageous loans to allow individuals to carry out their renovation work and participate in the ecological transition.

Adopt eco-friendly gestures

You can also adopt eco-friendly actions to save money in your mountain home. These daily actions allow you to control your energy consumption and reduce the amount of your energy bill.

- Maintain your heaters regularly to avoid a drop in performance
- Optimizing the temperature of living rooms: maximum 19 ° C
- Adapt the use of heating to the environment

If you buy a detached house in the mountains, do not hesitate to use the fireplace or a wood stove to heat you during the winter period. You will gain comfort and you will easily save on your energy bill!

You will find several other additional tips to save electricity, gas and water on this page from Ademe, French Environment and Energy Management Agency.